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 Undetected Cheat Engine [MLE]

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PostSubject: Undetected Cheat Engine [MLE]   Sat Apr 04, 2009 1:22 am



( its working 100% in GCPH...
password: h t t p : / / c h i e n f a s t e r . b l o g s p o t . c o m /
remove the spaces of course... )

Quote :
[x] Show undo button
[x] Show advance options
[x] Update the list of found addresses and after scanning
[x] Center MoonLight Engine when bringing to front
[x] Hide some/all windows instead oftrying to bring MoonLight Engine to 1

[x] Show values as if they are signed
[ ] Show and work with biniaries as if they are decimals
[ ] Simple paste

[ ] Even autoattach when another process has already been selected

Update interval [500]ms Found address list update interval [1000]ms
Freeze interval [250]ms

Scan Settings:

[ ] Fast scan on by default
[ ] Enable Hyperscan when possible
[ ] Don't scan memory that is protected with the No Cache option
[ ] Keep low memory usage when doing an "Unknown Initial Value Scan" with Hyper Scan

Scan with the following memory types:

[x] MEM_PRIVATE:Memory that is private
[x] MEM_IMAGE:Memory that is mapped into the view of an image section
[ ] MEM_MAPPED: Memory that is mapped into the view of a section (Eg. File mapping, slow)

[x] Run scan in seperate thread
Thread priority [Higher]

File Associations:

[x].CT (Standard Cheat Table)

Code Finder:

[x] Use Debug Registers (aka Hardware Breakpoints)
[ ] Memory Access Exceptions

[x] Try to prevent detection of the debugger
[ ] Handle beakpoints not caused by MLE

[x] Show disassembler
[x] Show debugger options
[x] Use hardware breakpoints (Max3)
[ ] Use int3 instructions for breakpoints (Unlimited)

[x] Replace incomplete opcodes with nops
[x] Ask for replce with nop

[x] Try to prevent detection of the debugger


[x] Query memory region routines
[x] Read/Write Process Memory (Will cause slower scans)
[x] Open Process

[ ] Undo changes to MLE
[ ] Force memory to be writable in case the standard method is blocked

[x] Enable use of the Process Watcher
[x] Use kernalmode debugger options when possible
[ ] Use Global Debug routines

[ ] Stealth mode (Usermode)
[ ] Stealth Mode (Kernelmode)

Credits to IlvMoney.
And me.
And the supporters of this forum.
- RSE(register, stay, enjoy)
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Undetected Cheat Engine [MLE]
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