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 Auto Kill Hack [TuT]

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PostSubject: Auto Kill Hack [TuT]   Fri May 08, 2009 10:38 am

1st of all 1hit hack needed

Values to be scan:





1. Make a room in trial tower.

2. Scan for the value 1122238464 [Exact value] [4 bytes]

3. After scanning kill all mobs and NEXT scan 0.

4. You will have more or less than 15 address take it and leave the game.

5. Create again a room in trial tower. You will notice that the address you have will have the same value. Here is what will you do, one by one change the values of each addresses to 0, and delete unnecessary address leaving the original behind. [NOTE: in changing addresses values to 0 there will be a total o f 3 address that will automatically change.] Each time you change it 1 mobs dies, then freeze the addresses you have and leave the game.

6. Create again a room in trial tower. This time all mobs will be automatically die except for the one goblin alive. Make a new scan and scan for this value 1126891520.(this time you will have fewer address) Repeat steps 2 - 5. And proceed to 2nd stage.

7. All mobs will die in this stage except for the slime. Make a New Scan and scan for this value 1122238464 and repeat steps 2 - 5. Then proceed to stage 3.

8. All monster in stage 3 is automatically defeated. Proceed to stage 4. There will be one goblin still alive. Make a New Scan and scan for this value 1127972864. Take the address and leave the game. Then make a room in Gaikoz Castle [3 star].

9. All mobs in 1st stage will be auto defeated. Proceed to the 2nd stage and you will have mobs still alive. What you will do is simply change its values to 0 and delete the unnecessary and freeze it.

10. Now all mobs in the stage is auto defeated except for the MONGBAN in Cross-Sectional stage of Gaikos castle. Make a new scan and scan for this 1154514944. Change its value to 0 and delete the unnecessary and freeze it.

11. Ten te ne nen te nen. Now you have the auto defeat hack. Enjoy hacking.


AngelsCry16 >>> [55] [51] [50] [46] [45]

hope this tut will help you in hacking.

just click + if you want to thank me.

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PostSubject: Re: Auto Kill Hack [TuT]   Sat May 09, 2009 10:03 pm

-Topic dont need to be a chat thread.
-Steps explained briefly. No need to explain.
-Question? PM AngelsCry16.


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Auto Kill Hack [TuT]
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